Wow. Over a month since my last post. Must be some kind of personal record.

To be fair, I’ve actually been quite busy. Insanely so, in fact. I’m finishing off a major piece of freelance web development work, which has kept me away not just from this blog, but also the ever growing pile of anime and movies that are sitting waiting to be watched. Hold tight though, I’m nearly done. Then expect there to be more post-action than you can possibly handle. Brain stem shattering info-overload, if you will.

Well, maybe not quite that. But some more regular posts, fo sho.

And in some more positive news: I’ve booked my holiday. Two weeks in Tokyo, in November. My first time there, and its going to be intense. Akihabra, Shinjuku, the Ghibli Museum….damn. And i’m going to be blogging intensely while over there, so stay tuned. Oh and to my Japanese readers (yeah, I know you’re out there – Google Analytics sees all) that fancy hooking up or giving me some pointers (or can sneak me into an anime studio for a nose about) then drop me a line.