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Ponyo reviews start to emerge


As it sits proudly at the top of the Japanese box office, the first English language reviews of the latest Studio Ghibli offering Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea have started to appear on the net. I’ve had a quick read of a bunch of them, and they’re all pretty positive. Which is kind of a relief, after the disappointment of Miyazaki junior‘s Tales from Earthsea last year. But while the Ghibli family soap opera plays out in the most subtle and Japanese of ways in the background, Dad is back at the controls once again, and did any of us really doubt he still had it in him?

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New Shinkai short: North American premiere details


Regular readers will already know about my love for Voices of a Distant Star director Makoto Shinkai‘s work, so will understand why I’m pissed with Canadian anime fans right now. Not that the lucky bastards have done anything wrong, it’s just that if they can get to Ottawa this September, then they’ve got a chance of catching the premiere of his latest short Neko no ShÅ«kai (Cat’s Gathering) at the city’s annual International Animation Festival. Like I’ve said before, so far Shinkai has proved he works best in the short film medium, so hopefully it’ll be something special. Check out a trailer I found below.

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