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Makoto Shinkai live at the BFI


A quick heads up for all you London based otaku – or even those of you with only a passing interest in anime – acclaimed auteur Makoto Shinkai will be presenting a screening of his latest film Five Centimeters a Second at 6.20pm this Friday (20/6/08) at the British Film Institute. He’s kicking off a whole weekend there of recent anime, and alongside his last movie (the beautiful but slightly dissapointing) The Place Promised in Our Early Days, it’ll be an excellent opportunity to catch some of the films I’ve been talking about here over the last few months including Vexille, Appleseed: Ex Machina, the brilliant Tekkonkinkreet and Satoshi Kon‘s mindfuck epic Paprika.

If you do make it down, I’ll be very jealous. I’ve been a huge fan of Shinkai’s ever since I saw his amazing one man production Voices of a Distant Star way back in 2002. Even though I felt his first full length production The Place… didn’t show his full potential, I’m excited by 5cm. I’ve got a copy but haven’t got round to watching it yet – it’s actually a collection of short films, marking a return to the short form that he mastered so elegantly in the heart wrenching Voices, so looks more promising. Either way, seeing his glorious imagery on the big screen is not an experience to pass up lightly.

If any of you do make it down there, drop me a line and let me know how you got on.

You lucky bastards.

All details, including film times and bookings, right here.

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