Headline says it all really...the first footage from the new Ghibli movie have been shown on Japanese TV and thus are now all over the Grid. Still no news on a US or European release date... Apparently, after he's finished this, Miyazaki's ...Read More

The last 9 months or so has been an exciting time for fans of Production IG and Masamune Shirow - previous collaborations between the anime powerhouse and the manga legend gave the world the unstoppable, stylish and cerebral Ghost in ...Read More

A quick heads up for all you London based otaku - or even those of you with only a passing interest in anime - acclaimed auteur Makoto Shinkai will be presenting a screening of his latest film Five Centimeters a ...Read More

Today is a tragic day for movie and science fiction fans. Last night special FX legend Stan Winston, best known for his work on movie franchises such as Terminator, Aliens and Jurassic Park, died. While those franchises might have flagged creatively, ...Read More

Actually, there's nothing funny about this. Nothing at all. Miyagi Prefectural Police officials in northeastern Japan have announced on Monday that they discovered a man dead in his apartment underneath several hundred manga volumes and magazines. They are investigating the cause ...Read More

NOTE: full review now posted here. This one slipped past me apparently. Ether that or Production IG have been keeping it very, very tightly under wraps. Either way, apparently July 12 will see a Japanese theatrical release of Ghost in the Shell ...Read More