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Early 21st Century rubbish


I was procrastinating preparing to do some work today by clearing out my office/studio/spare room, when I found myself taking the above photo. I was emptying a drawer of the usual flotsam of modern life, when I realised it was subtly different. Maybe it’s because I’m weird, but instead of the usual collection of random badges, elastic bands, paperclips and the tops off lost biros, this little pile included:

  • An old 3rd party Playstation memory card
  • A Gunpey game cartridge for the Wonderswan, complete with protective slip case
  • A weird Playstation cable tidy thing, that I was given at a Sony developers conference some years ago
  • The cover for the network adaptor port on a black Nintendo Gamecube
  • Protective covers for what I think are Dreamcast memory cards or VMUs (x3, various colours)

I don’t know why I took a photo of it. Possibly because it’s in someway a comment on how the minutiae of even the most mundane aspects of our lives have been changed by our reliance on consumerism and technology. Or something.

If you can actually use any of this shit then give me a shout.

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