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Normal service will soon be restored


Ahh, my poor neglected readers. The image above is misleading – I’ve just been slack the last couple of weeks….actually, I’ve been far from slack if I’m truthful, things have been pretty hectic. Job interviews, freelance work, fixing my HTPC and some unusually good British weather have all conspired against me getting any blogging done. But, hopefully, this week will see me back with a vengence – expect reviews of Ghibli short Iblard Jikan, CGI anime Vexille and maybe the Speed Racer movie, a piece on essential anime movies, and perhaps some catch up reviews of Denno Coil and Freedom. Oh, and the possibility of something slightly new for the site – music reviews, specifically of the new Calibre and D-Bridge albums, when my promised copies hit the doormat…

Don’t touch that dial.

5 thoughts on “Normal service will soon be restored”

  1. To Enter, send me your parents brains or write Parents Brains on a 3×5 card….

    Interested to hear your view on the Calibre album. Now I’ve been paid, I might well nab that myself.

  2. Ahh, it’s a Calibre album buy it. It’ll be great. I’ve heard half the tracks on it and they’re fucking runnin’. I’m not sure when its due to be released, but Intalex is meant to be sending me a copy of it plus the new D-bridge CD, which also sounds like it’ll be great.

    Just realised theres a new Logistics album out i havn’t heard…been losing interest in the Hospital sound recently buts should still check it out – do you have it?

  3. Calibre album is already out on vinyl but what sort of person buys that anymore…

    As for Reality Checkpoint, I got it yesterday and am listening as I post. It’s a lot more soulful and deeper than his debut. London Elektricity has been playing Slow Motion alot on his podcasts but it’s in no way the strongest track by any stretch. Basically, he seems to fulfilling some of that potential he showed glimpses of on Now More Than Ever. Worth listening to some of the samples over at Juno.co.uk and see what you think. The title track and No Words are probably the best two tracks, IMO.

    Oh, and apologies for the painfully obtuse Simpsons reference earlier but you know, what’re going to do?

  4. Theres extra tracks on the CD version as well…am off to see him and D-Bridge playing tonight – pictures and a review on here tomorrow..hopefully 😉

    I had to stop listening to the Hospital podcast because Tony kept playing that piss-awful High Contrast remix of the Utah Saints track. Ugh. Sad to say, but I’m really going off the Hospital sound…too much wobble and big trance chords. Although, the last Nu-Tone album was excellent, so will def get round to picking up the Logistics one..

  5. The Hospital podcasts have picked up again in the last few weeks. Seems to have got the message and started playing music from labels other than Hospital. Start downloading from 53 onwards, the Mistabishi one in particular.

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