...well, in Japan at least. No idea when it'll make it's way to the US or Europe, but it was announced this week that Ponyo on a Cliff by a Sea will hit Japanese cinemas on July 19th. Lucky buggers. All ...Read More

The first moving images from Sky Crawlers are out, the new flick from anime god Mamoru Oshii. Don't know an awful lot about it at this point, apart from it's based on a Japanese novel by Hiroshi Mori about fighter ...Read More

According to Variety today, Steven Speilberg's Dreamworks studio has acquired the rights to produce a live action version of Ghost in the Shell. It's not clear at this point whether the plan is to make an adaptation of Oshii's 1995 ...Read More

NOTE: also sometimes spelled 'Dennou Coil' Produced by cult animation studio Madhouse and directed by relative newcomer Mitsuo Iso, Denno Coil first started airing in Japan in May of last year, which is when I first started watching it, courtesy of ...Read More

Now I have to admit to a complete lack of any knowledge or experience of the Little Nemo children's stories...apparently popular in the US, as far as I'm aware they never made any real impact on this side of the ...Read More

Or at least his writers are. Once again they seem able to sum everything up in just under five minutes: Updated: link fixed, video working again... Read More

This weekend - you've probably already seen it if you've any more than a passing interest - saw the release by Zak Snyder of the first of 12 monthly video blogs for the Watchmen movie, taking us up until the ...Read More

Just a quick one...had a clear out of the loft yesterday, and as a result I'm selling on some of my retro video games collection on ebay this week. Hard decision to take, because I love some of this stuff...even ...Read More