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Intrigue@Dojo, 21/03/08


Ugghh, maybe I’m finally getting too old for this shit.

Feeling more than a little battered this morning, after my regular monthly session down at Intrigue @ The Dojo Lounge here in Bristol. Run by local producers/DJs The Insiders, it’s getting a rep as not only the best DnB night in Brizzle but also one of the finest nights for deep, progressive, future-thinking vibes in the country. With term just over and no students around the crowd was perhaps a little subdued last night with few regulars to be seen, but that didn’t stop Marcus Intalex rolling out a blinding set that covered everything from soulful, jazzy beats and the Detroit influenced sound he’s best known for, to dark, glitchy, bass heavy rumblers. Plus DRS on mike duties made for a killer-combo. And not forgetting it was Ben from The Insiders’ Birthday, it was a buzzing night. I set out to take a pile of photos, but I kinda got, erm, distracted. So all I have is the handful below. Thanks to Ben and Joe for a great night (as always), and to Marcus for sorting out the guest list.

Now I’m off to find somewhere quiet to lie down…


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