A couple of new promos for the Wachowski brothers’ live action remake of the classic 1960’s anime series Speed Racer have hit the matrix…well, I say live action in the broadest of terms, as you’ll see the movie looks to be a largely CGI affair.

In fact, what’s caught my interest with these clips isn’t just the source material or the use of CGI, but the blatant use of video games asthetics as opposed to what you might expect from the usual Hollywood blockbuster. While the Matrix flicks borrowed heavily and openly from anime, Speed Racer sees the Wachowskis apparently borrowing from console racing games like F-Zero, Wipeout and Burnout. Damn, with the slow-mo shots and the unrealistic physics you could be forgiven for thinking you were watching a trailer for, or even the replay mode of, some slightly generic-if-pretty 360 racer.

While I have to say I’m a little disappointed they’re not making more of the sexy, kitsch 60’s vibe of the original, I’m still looking forward to checking the movie out on it’s release. I just got my hands on Appleseed Deus Ex and Vexville (stay tuned to this channel for reviews), two Japanese CGI movies that rely heavily on game aesthetics, but Speed Racer looks like the one that could push that vibe into the mainstream, Hollywood arena….and if you’ve had a chance to check out my fiction yet, you’ll know that’s something I’m interested in.

Speed Racer: New trailers