Because I’m trying to curb mine. Though, to be honest, it’s proving to be hard this morning.

The reason? New images from Zack “300” Snyder’s big screen adaptation of Watchmen splurged across c-space as I jacked-in this morning. And man, shit. They look alright.


In fact, they look a bit fucking better than alright, if you ask me. Yeah, teh internets are aflame as usual with the screams of disgruntled fanboys…Night Owl isn’t fat enough, Ozymandis looks too young…and they might have a point. But in the images’ defence, we don’t have any context. The story spans decades, and these could be grabs from flashbacks.

So far everything I have seen about the film looks visually spot-on. Perfect in fact. So why am I trying to not get too excited? Well, because Watchmen never was purely about visual spectacle. It’s about plot. And characters. And doing things with narrative that can’t be done on film or in books – things that can ONLY be done in the medium of comics. And it’s long…I mean, where the hell would you start cutting stuff to fit it into 120 minutes?

Plus, does anyone else remember being excited when the first images from the fucking Judge Dredd movie came out? I don’t think I need to say any more…

So i’m preparing myself for it to be a fuck-up. It’s the only way of avoiding disappointment. Anything else will be a pleasant surprise.

See all the images over at the Watchmen Movie website.