To the uninitiated, the Japanese anime industry and the culture that surrounds it can seem perplexing at times, to say the least. In the west, when a film or TV show is released directly to video or DVD, its usually ...Read More

The Tokyo International Anime Fair....well, maybe next year... Damn. I guess I'll just have to sit here all afternoon seeing how many characters/series in that poster I can name.... Read More

I had an excellent Easter weekend, but since it ended I've had an evil motherfucker of a head cold, with mucus seeping into every part of already feeble brain, especially the parts which deal with blogging, apparently. Hence the brief ...Read More

Someone has too much time on their hands... Read More

Another one from Paparazzi: gesture and speech controlled TV, courtesy of JVC.... Read More

Ugghh, maybe I'm finally getting too old for this shit. Feeling more than a little battered this morning, after my regular monthly session down at Intrigue @ The Dojo Lounge here in Bristol. Run by local producers/DJs The Insiders, it's getting ...Read More

Following on from last week's Weapon of Choice post, I've been spending some time this morning chatting with Bristol graf legend and one time Banksy collaborator Jer "Lokey" Forceone. Top geezer. Plus he's kindly said I can share his Flickr ...Read More

R.I.P. I can't start to tell you how important the movie 2001 has been in my life. For a start, my parents went to see it on their first date. Then they took me to see it when it was ...Read More

Ureshii Anime have posted an amazing piece detailing the long process they go through in creating one of their excellent fansubs. For those of you not familiar with the practice, fansubbing is the act of taking a foreign TV show or ...Read More

Cat Le-Huy, 31, head of technology for Big Brother makers Endemol, finally returned home last Thursday after being thrown behind bars on a holiday in the UAE in January, also for cannabis possession. He had less than 0.03 grams - ...Read More